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Welding Wire

Welding Wire

Raw materials which are used for the production of our entire range of products are carefully checked against varied quality parameters as these are essential bottleneck assets. Make payment securely with a payment option you are comfortable with. We accept payment through offline as well as online modes. We make sure proper documentation is done.



Introduction : Strong resistance to surface scales and oil stains on the base metal .It has low blowhole sensitivity

  • Used for welding all kind of 500MPa structural steel parts
  • Used for welding all kinds of 500MPa plates and pipes.


JQ. YJ501-Z
Introduction : A titania type CO2 gas shielded flux cored welding wire for low carbon steel and 490 Mpa high strength steel. It has excellent welding performance, soft and stable arc, fewer spatters, good slag detachability and beautiful appearance of weld. Suitable for downhand welding and horizontal welding. All position welding. It has high welding efficiency, The weld metal has been given crack resistance and stable and reliable inherent quality.

Uses : Used for welding structures made of carbon steel and low alloy structural steel with tensile strength higher than or equal to 490 Mpa . Most widely used for welding some key structures like shipbuilding, mechanical manufacture, pressure vessels, boilers, petroleum machinery, chemical machinery, hoisting machinery, etc.


Chemical Composition of Welding Wire 

C Mn Si S P Cu
0.06-0.15 1.4~1.85 0.8~1.15 <=0.025 <=0.025 <=0.50


Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal

Test Item R.(MPa) Ra Or R (Mpa) A(%) KV2(J)
Guarantee Value >=500 >=420 >=22 >=27(-40oC)
General Result 555 450 29 77\95\83


Reference Current (DC+)

Wire Size(mm) Welding Current(A) CO2 Flow Rate (L/min)
0.8 50~100 15
1 50~220 15~20
1.2 80~350 15~25
1.6 170~550 20~25

JQ. YJ501-Z

Chemical Composition of Deposited Metal (%)

Chemical Composition C Mn Si S P
Guarantee Value <=0.18 <=1.75 <=0.90 <=0.030 <=0.030
General Result 0.05 1.36 0.41 0.008 0.012


Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal

Test Item R.(MPa) Ra Or R (Mpa) A(%) KV2(J)
Guarantee Value >=480 >=400 >=22 >=27(-20oC)
General Result 560 480 28 129


Reference Current (DC+)

Wire Diameter (mm) 1.2 1.4 1.6
Range (A)
Downhand welding 120~300 150~400 180~450
Vertical Upward Welding and overhead Position welding 120~260 150~270 180~280
Vertical downward Welding and overhead Position welding 200~300 220~300 250~300
Horizontal Welding 120~280 150~320 180~350